Peter's two main projects are his 4tet Lithium and his Large Ensemble.

He is also a busy sideman as a drummer throughout the genres. He plays in numerous jazz ensembles and big bands, for many of which he is also composing and arranging.

He also is drumming for Austrian Blues-Luminary 'Sir' Oliver Mally and the Graz based Indie-Rock Band 'My wicked wicked ways'.

Peter is conducting a Concert Band in his Hometown Straden.

Founded in 2016 it features musicians from Peter’s stations of life. Stefan is a dutch bass player based in Rotterdam and Chris and Keisuke are friends from his time in New York. 

The group is a jazz quartet with a chamber ensemble approach. It’s a mix of improvised music and contemporary classical music. A mix of jazz combo and Indie-Rock band. However you want to describe it lies in the perception of the listener. 


Chris SPEED – ts, cl

Keisuke MATSUNO – guit

Stefan LIEVESTRO – db

Peter LENZ – dr, comp

His latest project is his New York based Large Ensemble,  a Jazz Orchestra with Strings. It gathers friends and heroes of Peter alike and their debut album ‘BREATHE’ is about to be released in 2024.

BREATHE – Music for Large Ensemble

features Peter’s music for three variations of Large Ensembles.

First a Jazz Orchestra in a traditional Big Band Line up.

Second the extra Large Ensemble adding Strings.

And third the Chamber Ensemble consisting of String 4tet, Flute/Alto Sax, Clarinet/Tenor Sax, Trombone, Bass and Drums.


Line Up


Dave Leon, Brian Krock, Chris Speed,Sam Sadigursky, Jay Ratman


John Lake, David Nevis, Jake Henry, Kenny Warren


Brian Drye, Jacob Garchik, Matt McDonald, James Borowski

Rhythm Section

Keisuke Matsuno, Luke Marantz, Marty Kenney, Jim Black


Meg Okura, Ludovica Burtone, Benni von Gutzeit, Susan Mandel

Recording Director

Angela Morris

Conductor / Composer

Peter Lenz